Referrals to Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC

The Experienced Houston Personal Injury Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC Can Help With Your Claim

Houston personal injury lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC currently accepts cases for clients who are injured in auto accidents, work accidents, medical malpractice, product liability cases, and many other types of injury claims. We consider referrals as the highest compliment to your firm and we are happy to speak with you about your case.

If you are an attorney who does not generally handle personal injury cases, please contact us about referring your case to the law firm. We understand the nuances in Texas personal injury law, and if you have a longstanding client who was injured, we would be happy to hear their story and take on their case. If you do handle personal injury claims but have a claim that is going to litigation, has a complication, or simply a claim you don’t have time for, we would also be happy to hear from you. Our attorneys focus their work on personal injury cases, and we experienced in all phases, from investigation to negotiation to litigation.

You may also have a case to refer to us if you are an out-of-state attorney with a client who was injured in Texas. Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC is licensed to practice in Texas and federal courts, and we gladly accept referrals from out-of-state attorneys whose clients experienced an injury in Texas.

If you would like to refer a case to Houston Bicycle Injury Attorney RJ Alexander Law PLLC, please contact us as soon as possible to work out the details of the referral agreement. We may have to file the claim before a statute of limitations passes, so please contact us as soon as possible to best protect your client.

Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer Serving Houston, Texas Victims
If you or a loved one has been a victim of a car door bicycle accident, you deserve to be compensated for the costs of the accident. Even if the perpetrator flees the scene, you may be able to be compensated through your own uninsured motorist insurance policy. At Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC, we will fight for your rights to receive a fair financial award for the pain and suffering you have had to endure due to the recklessness of someone else. RJ Alexander Law PLLC offers a free consultation to discuss your case and will not charge you a fee unless you receive a monetary payout so call (832) 458-1756 today.

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