Attorneys for Individuals With Lacerations From Automobile Accidents

Lacerations are a few of the very serious harms endured in automobile accidents and may have long-lasting and immediate consequences for the victims that suffer them. The Houston automobile, truck and motorcycle accident lawyers of RJ Alexander Law, PLLC comprehend the debilitating nature of the injuries and the psychological and financial toll they have on sufferers and their families. When representing clients who are hurt in automobile accidents, it’s our objective to ensure they can recoup their costs in the future in addition to those they might incur several decades after.

Not All Lacerations will be the Same

A laceration is described as any deep cut which needs medical care, but the positioning of the wound and also in which the laceration happens has an effect on the way the victim has to be cared for and their prognosis. During an crash, there are lots of ways that someone could be cut– if by debris, touch the street, bits of metal or glass that is broken. Of the numerous kinds of lacerations that could happen in automobile accidents, our Houston car injury attorneys have discovered these fixes fall into four types.

Cut lacerations happen once an item cuts the sufferer’s skin, like if the victim comes into contact with metal or glass throughout the crash.

Over-stretching lacerations happen when your skin is ripped from growth in a crash. Human skin is very elastic. But when skin has been stretched too much, it may tear or split, resulting in a deep cut which exposes the skin inherent tissue. This kind of injury can happen when a body area is captured between two objects which are moving in other directions, such as every time a motorcycle falls on a motorcyclist that has been struck by a car moving within an opposing trajectory.

A grinding compression can be known as a degloving injury when sufferers lost their whole hand in bike accidents from being hauled across the asphalt. Although grinding compression accidents can occur to other areas of the human body, it most often happens to arm and hand when skin has been peeled off as it pushes against a tough surface for a substantial distance.

Split lacerations are a few of the very serious and debilitating injuries suffered in automobile accidents and are often accompanied by additional wounds. They happen when the entire body component is crushed between two things and muscle and skin tissue under ruptures through the devastating injury.


While blood loss is the most immediate concern connected with lacerations, the area of the injury may render sufferers debilitated for weeks or years ahead. The reduction of blood may send sufferers to shock requiring immediate medical care to make sure they don’t expire in the scene of the crash. Survival is only the first step in a lengthy process of recovery for lots of our Houston car injury attorneys’ customers, however. Below are a few of the further complications and worries many sufferers face.

Every auto crash is as exceptional as the harms they cause. In reality, the area of the accident is often determined by if the victim was driving a vehicle, a truck or even a bike. Nevertheless, every mishap has the potential to cause wounds which leave long-lasting marks within the human body along with the victim’s mind. Whenever these scars are observable and change the victim’s look, they could dimish self-confidence, trigger melancholy and function as a continuous reminder of a dreadful event. Some consequences can be treated or eliminated, but not without multiple surgeries which are frequently regarded as cosmetic procedures which aren’t covered by medical insurance companies. Your skin is a barrier which protects the body against many harmful germs that might lead to harm. Open wounds encourage germs, viruses, and parasites to shield from the surrounding tissues and the bloodstream. Recently, some parasites and bacteria have developed a resistance to medication or may spread rapidly across the body since they can’t be contained. When an infection can’t be destroyed with antibiotics, then the utilization of bacteria can cause septic shock which may choose the life span of the sufferer or need amputation of an infected arm or leg. As time passes, with appropriate treatment and attention, damaged skin and muscle tissue can be mended, however, the damage to nerves is generally irreversible.

Reduction of existence. Too much reduction of blood, severe health issues and infected lacerations resulting from the crash may result in the death of their sufferer in their wounds.


RJ Alexander Law, PLLC offer award legal solutions to thousands of customers across Texas. In case you’ve suffered severe laceration injuries during a car, motorcycle or truck crash, then our personal injury lawyers understand your requirement for justice and monetary compensation necessary to pay your financial losses. Contact us now to organize a secure consultation with our attorneys. We can talk about your situation, can gather the information and collect evidence to successfully solve your financial recompense case.

Our Houston automobile, motorcycle and truck accident lawyers work exclusively on a contingency fee basis, so we will just collect our fee once we have secured compensation for your benefit. You will never pay us upfront to get our services, which can be free if we can’t negotiate a settlement or win your case at court.