Road Rule Violation

Houston Road Rule Violation Bicycle Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander and Houston Bicycle Accident Law Firm RJ Alexander Law PLLC

If you are involved in a Houston bicycle accident with another motorist chances are the other motorist’s actions led to your injuries. A Houston lawyer that focuses on bicycle accidents understands better than anyone that proving another motorist broke Texas road rules can significantly help your case if you’re seeking compensation from the at-fault driver and his or her insurance carrier.

Some ways a personal injury lawyer can incorporate another driver’s traffic law violations into your claim include:

  • Using a police report
  • Viewing surveillance video
  • Speaking with witnesses

Lastly, it’s important to remember that just because another motorist broke the law, you’re not guaranteed an automatic favorable personal injury claim judgment or settlement. Proving another driver’s fault for your crash can be challenging and time-consuming task without the help of someone well-versed in Houston traffic laws.

If you have been hurt in a Houston bicycle crash and want to know if filing a personal injury claim is an option for you, a lawyer specializing in Houston car wrecks can help you figure out if traffic law violations played role. If so, you’ll get the guidance you need on what to do next.

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