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Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer – Traffic Crash Defined

Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer – Traffic Crash Defined

Traffic Crash Defined – Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer
For the purposes of traffic crash investigation, the term traffic crash is defined as:

“That occurrence in a series of events which usually produces injury, death, or property damage.”

For the purposes of this manual, the term crash is synonymous with the terms accidents, collusion, incident, or any other applicable, descriptive term used in various jurisdictions and in many published works.

Traffic Crash Investigation Process and Objectives – Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer
Advanced traffic crash investigation is a process that starts with an investigation and evidence gathering at the scene and continues on until the objections of advanced traffic crash investigation have been satisfied. This includes the interpretation of evidence, whether gathered by the investigator o another investigator and arriving at conclusions based on sound, scientific analysis of all available everywhere.

The traffic crash investigation objectives are to determine:
– What happened
– Where the crash occurred
– When the crash occurred
– Why the crash occurred
– Who was involved

A competent Houston bicycle accident lawyer decides:
– What laws apply
– What are the problems and possible solutions
– How the possible solutions can be presented to the court.
– What are the legal damages the injured party can receive in a court of law

Every Houston bicycle accident lawyer should:
– Determine how the crash was caused
– Gather information from experts on design and accident reconstruction
– Gather and submit proper legal evidence to bolster the successful pursuit of lawsuits on behalf of their clients.

houston car accident lawyerIn order to maximize your compensation, it is imperative that you employ a lawyer who visits the scene of your bicycle wreck. Your lawyer must be familiar with the different aspects of accident reconstruction to ensure that every aspect your wreck is considered and properly analyzed. For example, there are a number of human factors that influence the severity of every car accident such as perception time, reaction time, driver experience, disabilities, and possible influence o mind-altering substances. These factors can greatly influence the ability of a driver to perceive road hazards.

If you are involved in a bicycle accident in Houston, call RJ Alexander Law, PLLC today to receive a free initial consultation: (832) 458-1756.

Source: Evidence in Traffic Crash Investigation and Reconstruction By R.W. Rivers


Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Causes of Accidents
Blind Spot
Construction Zone
Delivery Truck
Falling Cargo
Garbage Truck
Improper Maintenance
Loading Dock
Poor Weather
Tire Blowout
Driver Fatigue

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Types of Accidents
Drowsy Driving
Drunk Driving
Head On Collision
Highway Construction
Intersection Accident
Interstate Accident
Jackknife Accident
Rear End Accident
Reckless Driving
Side Impact Accident
Speeding Accident
Texting While Driving
Underride Accident
Whiplash Accident

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Types of Truck Accidents
Abdominal Injury
Broken Bone
Cracked Ribs
Facial Disfigurement
Fractured Pelvis
Head Injury
Herniated Disc
Spinal Cord Injury
Traumatic Brain Injury
Wrongful Death

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Practice Areas
Texas Truck Accident Attorney
Houston Truck Accident Lawyer
Houston Truck Accident Attorney
Houston Truck Wreck Lawyer
Houston Truck Wreck Attorney
Houston Truck Death Lawyer
Houston Truck Death Attorney
Truck Accident Attorney Houston
Truck Wreck Lawyer Houston
Houston Truck Accident Death Attorney
Houston Truck Wreck Death Attorney
Houston Semi Truck Accident Lawyer
Houston Semi Truck Accident Attorney
Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney
Houston 18 Wheeler Wreck Attorney
Truck Death Lawyer
Truck Death Attorney

Federal Truck Safety Regulations
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
Truck Accident Statistics
Houston Truck Accident Fatality

Houston Car Wreck Lawyer Injury Resources

Ankle Injury From Car Accident
Annular Disc Tear
Anosmia from Automobile Accident
Arthritis After Car Accident
Brain Injury from Car Accident
Brain Injury in Child
Broken Arm Accident
Broken Bones in Car Accident
Broken Femur Car Accident
Broken Nose in Car Accident
Broken Rib from Car Accident
Burn Victim Car Accident
Car Accident Back Injury
Car Accident Brain Hemorrhage
Car Accident Death
Car Accident Eye Injury
Car Accident Head Injury
Car Accident Nerve Damage
Car Accident Paralysis
Car Accident Spine Injury
Car Accident Wrist Injury
Car Accident Wrongful Death
Catastrophic Injury
Cervical Spine Injury
Chronic Neck Injury After Car Accident
Chronic Pain After Accident
Collarbone Pain After Car Accident
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome After Car Accident
Connective Tissue Injury
Crush Injury Car Accident
Delayed Pain After Car Accident
Diffuse Axonal Injury
Emotional Pain and Suffering
Face Injury Accident
Fatal Car Accident
Foot Injury Car Accident
Headache after Car Accident
Heart Damage after Car Accident
Herniated Disc Car Accident
Impacted Fracture
Internal Bleeding Due to Car Accident
Internal Injuries from Car Accident
Joint Injury Car Accident
Leg Injuries from Car Accident
Mental Distress During Accident
Multiple Spinal Fractures
Neck Fusion from Car Accident
Neck Injuries after Car Accident
Pain and Suffering Car Accident
Permanent Injury Car Accident
Pre Existing Injury Auto Accident
PTSD After Car Accident
Scarring Cause by Car Accident
Shoulder Injury from Car Accident
Soft Tissue Injury Car Accident
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage from Car Accident
Tibia Fibula Fracture
Tinnitus Car Accident
Traumatic Brain Injury from Car Accident
Unborn Baby Injured in a Car Accident
Vocal Cord Damage
Whiplash from Car Accident

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – Driver Involved in Accident Resources

Aggressive Driving
Buzzed Driving
Carpool Car Accident
Child in Car Accident
Designated Driver in Car Accident
Distracted Driver Accident
Drowsy Driving Accident
Drugged Driving Accident
Drunk Driving Accident
Elderly Car Accident
Employee Car Accident
Family Member Car Accident
Friend Driving Car Accident
Lease Car Accident
Line of Duty Accident
Low Speed Car Accident
Obesity and Car Accidents
Passenger in Car Accident
Pedestrian Accident
Phantom Vehicle Accident
Pregnant Car Accident
Reckless Driving Accident
Rental Car Accident
Seat Belt Accident
Senior Citizen Driving Accident
Speeding Car Accident
Teen Car Accident

Houston Car Accident Lawyer  – Type of Car Accident Resources

Head-on Collision
Hit and Run Accident
Fender Bender
Low Impact Car Accident
Low Speed Car Accident
Side Swipe Car Accident
Side Impact Car Accident
Rear End Car Accident
Roll Over Car Accident
T-Bone Car Accident

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – Location of Your Car Accident Resources

Accident at Intersection
Bridge Car Accident
Car Accident Close to Home
Highway Accident
Parking Lot Accident
Railroad Crossing Accident
School Zone Accident
Stop Sign Accident
Traffic Accident

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – Car Accident Cause Resources

Car Backing Up Accident
Chain Reaction Car Accident
DWI Accident
Eating and Driving Car Accident
Left Turn Car Accident
Negligent Car Accident
Night Time Car Accident
Partial Fault Car Accident
Passing Car Accident
Red Light Car Accident
Right Hand Turn Car Accident
Right of Way Car Accident
Selfie While Driving Accident
Teen Driver Car Accident
Texting While Driving Car Accident
Wrong Way Driving Accident

Houston Car Accident Lawyer Lawsuit Resources

Accident Reconstruction
Chose Correct Venue
Contingency Fee Arrangement
Defense Appeals to Jury Verdict
Documenting a Car Accident
Expert Testimony
Importance of Credibility
Obtaining a Police Report
Obtaining Medical Records
Police Report
Protect Your Financial Interest
Protect Your Rights
Proving Alcohol Intoxication
Role of a Jury
Stranded on the Highway
Sympathetic Plaintiff
Traffic Control Devices

Houston Car Accident Lawyer Resources

Boating Accident Lawyer Houston
Bus Accident Lawyer Houston
Company Car Auto Accident Lawyer Houston
Bike Accident Lawyer Houston
Detached Trailer Accident Lawyer Houston
Dog Bite Lawyer Houston
Dump Truck Accident Lawyer Houston
Emergency Vehicle Accident Lawyer Houston
Forklift Accident Lawyer Houston
Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer Houston
Lyft Accident Lawyer Houston
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Houston
Multi-vehicle Accident Lawyer Houston
Non-traffic Related Vehicle Accident Lawyer Houston
Off-road Vehicle Accident Lawyer Houston
Passenger Van Accident Lawyer Houston
Personal Injury Attorney Houston
School Bus Accident Lawyer Houston
Single Vehicle Accident Lawyer Houston
Taxi Accident Lawyer Houston
Test Drive Accident Lawyer Houston
Truck Accident Lawyer Houston
Uber Accident Lawyer Houston

Houston Car Accident Lawyer Insurance Claim Resources

Accident Damages
Accident Injury Claim
Another Person Driving Claim
Auto Accident Claim
Bad Faith Insurance Claim
Car Accident Compensation
Car Accident Medical Bills
Car Accident Medical Restrictions
Car Accident Not Your Fault
Car Accident Occupational Rehab
Car Accident Passenger Claim
Car Accident Punitive Damages
Car Accident Settlement
Car Accident Sudden Medical Emergency
Car Insurance Claim Denial What Next
Car Insurance Liability Limit
Car Insurance Premium
Car Insurance Settlement Offer Too Low
Claim Exceeds Policy Limits
Claim on Behalf of a Minor
Compensation Damage to Car
Future Medical Bills
ICU Insurance Claims
Insurance Claim Totaled Car
Life Care Planner
Loss of Companionship Claim
Loss of Use Claim
Lost Wages Claim From Car Accident
Maximum Medical Improvement
No Health Insurance in Car Accident
Ongoing Medical Care After Car Accident
Sue for Car Accident
Sue for My Child
Total Loss Claim
Truck Accident Claim
Underinsured Motorist Claim
Uninsured Motorist Claim
Wrongful Death Claim

Houston Car Accident Lawyer Road Accident Resources

I-45 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
I-10 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
I-69 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
610 Loop Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Beltway 8 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Highway 6 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
US 290 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
US 90 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
US 59 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
SH 249 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
SH 6 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
SH 146 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
SH 99 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
SH 225 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
FM 2920 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
FM 1764 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
FM 518 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Spur 5 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Spru 527 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Spur 330 Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Westpark Tollway Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Hardy Toll Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Fort Bend Tollway Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Sam Houston Tollway Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Bammel North Houston Road Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Clay Road Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Antoine Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Bissonnet Street Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Westheimer Road Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Hardy Road Car Accident Lawyer Houston
W. Little York Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Crosby Freeway Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Gessner Road Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Veterans Memorial Drive Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Main Street Car Accident Lawyer Houston
John F. Kennedy Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Greens Road Car Accident Lawyer Houston
NASA Parkway Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Hammerly Blvd Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Louetta Road Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Pearland Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Tidwell Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Hollister Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Wallisville Car Accident Lawyer Houston
West 42nd Street Car Accident Lawyer Houston

Houston Car Accident Resources

Houston Automobile Accident Attorney
Houston Automobile Accident Lawyer
Houston Auto Wreck Attorney
Houston Auto Injury Lawyer
Houston Auto Crash Lawyer
Houston Accident Lawyer
Houston Auto Crash Attorney
Houston Auto Accident Attorney
Car Accident Lawyer Near Me
Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Houston Galleria Car Accident Lawyer
Rice Village Car Accident Lawyer Houston
Cypress Car Accident Lawyer
Galveston Car Accident Lawyer
Fort Bend Car Accident Lawyer
Jersey Village Car Accident Lawyer
Clear Lake Car Accident Lawyer
Sugar Land Car Accident Lawyer
Humble Car Accident Lawyer
Katy Car Accident Lawyer
Conroe Car Accident Lawyer
Spring Car Accident Lawyer
Houston Car Wreck Lawyer
Houston Car Injury Attorney
Houston Car Wreck Attorney
Houston Car Crash Lawyer
Houston Car Collision Lawyer
Houston Car Accident Attorney
North Houston Car Accident Lawyer
Northwest Houston Car Accident Lawyer
Wrongful Death Houston Car Accident Attorney
Houston Car Accident Death Lawyer
Houston Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer
Texas Car Accident Lawyer
Harris County Accident Lawyer
Houston Car Injury Lawyer
Houston Car Crash Attorney
Houston Auto Wreck Lawyer
Houston Automobile Crash Lawyer
Houston Auto Injury Attorney
Houston Auto Accident Lawyer
Houston Accident Attorney
Texas City Car Accident Lawyer
League City Car Accident Lawyer
Hempstead Car Accident Lawyer
West Houston Car Accident Lawyer
Pasadena Car Accident Lawyer
Baytown Car Accident Lawyer
Pearland Car Accident Lawyer
Tomball Car Accident Lawyer
The Woodlands Car Accident Lawyer
North Houston Car Accident Lawyer
Accident Lawyer in North Houston
Home Visit Houston Car Accident Lawyer
Houston Energy Corridor Car Accident Lawyer
Downtown Houston Car Accident Lawyer

The Quest: Developing The Texas Bicycle Law Niche

Today, begins the first official work week for the year 2015. Like most Americans who make New Year’s resolutions I’ve decided to pick up cycling as a leisure sports activity to stay in shape, I love the outdoors, and because I miss riding bike trails in North Carolina. I’ve always believed that you should work in a profession that you’re passionate about and so combining my interest in bicycles and helping others who have been injured in accidents is a great fit for me. I suppose when one is growing up you never say to yourself I want to specialize in bicycle law but I think as you become more active in cycling events and learn more about transportation and infrastructure (city of Houston). I would like to think that I’m not the typical stuffed shirt attorney and that I actually possess somewhat of a pleasant personality and so my blog on Texas bicycle law will not be a typical blog that discusses solely the law as it applies to Texas bicycle accidents or Texas bicycle insurance coverage. This blog will actually document my jump from the typical personal injury attorney (read: car accident lawyer – which I do handle fyi) to one who focuses on Texas bicycle accidents and the law surrounding injuries and wrongful death of Texas bicyclists when encountering various automobiles on roadways (my personal injury practice focuses primarily on bicycle law, maritime injury, and toxic tort cases). Additionally from time to time I may discuss local bicycle events, bicycle shops, bicycle hardware and of course bicycles that I’m considering purchasing. I hope that you find this blog funny, informative, and easy to read. I hope you have a great Monday and hopefully I will see you on the trails, parks, or roads in Houston bicycling.

Houston Ghost Bike remembers unicyclist

“A man who was known in the Houston area as the ‘naked unicyclist’ for his past nude unicycling exploits was struck and killed late one night in early August while riding down a dark La Porte road. His death didn’t go unnoticed as a memorial has sprung up in his honor near where he fell.

Joseph Glynn Farley, 48, was a fixture in the Houston-area cycling community, routinely participating in rides with Houston’s Critical Mass group and known by locals for his daring unicycle riding among bicycles and cars…

Richard Tomlinson is a member of the city’s cycling community and he’s a big part of the Houston Ghost Bike group which places white “ghost bikes” near the locations of fatal cycling incidents to increase awareness of cycling safety.

He’s part of an international effort complete with a website that lists where almost every ghost bike sits. The Houston Ghost Bike Facebook group has the sad task of keeping track of local cyclist fatalities. Each donated bike is stripped of its chain and gears, things that could get pulled off by people passing by and each gets a few coats of white spray paint…

Although Farley was fully-clothed and following the law by wearing the safety vest and having lights on his unicycle, accident reconstructionists believe he might not have been visible to other motorists due to lights from nearby businesses and street lights at Spencer Highway about half a mile ahead, Sgt. John Kreuger of the La Porte Police Department said after the accident.”

There are many different causes of bicycle accidents. It has been determined that most bicycle accidents that result in a serious injury happen when a motor vehicle driver is not paying attention to the area surrounding their vehicle. If the operator of a car, van, truck, bus or other motor vehicle comes into contact with a bicycle causing serious personal injury the driver may be held responsible.

By providing the above information, you can rest assured that your first meeting with Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander at RJ Alexander Law PLLC runs smoothly and helps to sped along the insurance claim process.

Contact the Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander at RJ Alexander Law PLLC

To schedule a free consultation today, call the firm at (832) 458.1756 or complete the contact form.

Quote Credits: Houston Chronicle